About the Tool

Elotrack isn't a lolking or op.gg clone - it's something different. It's a time machine that lets you record your league stats and look back on them. That's the goal of EloTrack; to give you that window into the past. You can view your progress and see the overall trend of your gameplay data.

Challenger Rankings
#UsernameLP1-Day Change7-Day Change30-Day Change
1C9 Ray1,4210+82+417
2Jue VioIe Grace1,0180-58+121
5Chasér 893000
7Padaria Cremosa847000
8ApoIlo Price8410-10+132
9Rank 1 Go8110-35+96
12Ziggs ADC Sucks758-22+198+352
13Pants are Dragon744-22+80-42
16rWeiXin VinLeous7250-42-164
17C9 Winter7200-114+265
18wWeixin VinLeous7060+5+226
20P1 Shady6930-44+361
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Player Stat Tracking

The way this tool works is every time you load your user page on the site, the tool parses all of your current, static statistics and stores them. It then displays that current data along with all of the past data collected during other updates and displays them in charts and graphs that allow you to see the change in that data over time.

Because of this, it is necessary to have more than one data sample in order to have anything interesting show up. Simply play one game of league and come back; all of the stats for that gamemode will have updated and been added to the list of displayed data!

Challenger Player Data

In addition to tracking individual league players, Elotrack also automatically updates the data of every challenger player from every region every 2-3 hours. You can view detailed information about what it records on the challenger page, found in the header.

Site + Beta Information

This site is currently in beta, so please report any bugs or issues you find. If you do find any bugs, please contact me by sending an email to me@ameo.link, PMing me on reddit, or my twitter. My skills are not in web design, as you can see, so if you want to help out with the site let me know!

Upcoming Features

I have a lot of things planned for the future of Elotrack, but for now I want to get the site out there so people can start storing their data. Below is a list of some of the additions I have planned. More may be added as time goes on! If you have an idea for something you want to see on the site, contact me!